2020 Annual Appeal

Your Help Will Make a Difference

While much has been done to carry the message of recovery, we can and must do more. With your help, we will reach those still struggling alone.

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Dear SAA Members and Groups,

Please help support the ISO in carrying the SAA message of recovery to suffering sex addicts. We ask that you give generously as your financial support is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ISO’s mission is to help SAA groups carry the message of recovery. One of the most powerful ways the ISO does this is by supporting local groups to attend professional conferences for therapists, counselors, social workers, etc. In 2019 SAA members and ISO staff were able to attend nineteen conferences where they educated thousands of professionals about the SAA program of recovery. I would like to share a true story that illustrates how this work led to powerful recovery for a suffering sex addict.

Through our work with the professional community, an ISO staff member attended a conference where he met a professor of psychology from a college in a large southern city. He explained the SAA program of recovery to the professor and told her that it might be possible to have SAA members talk to her students. The professor was very interested in this and asked if it would be possible to arrange a presentation during the upcoming semester. This request was referred to SAA members in the professor’s home city and before long, a date and time for the presentation was set. The presentation went very well and one of the presenters, Sue (not her real name), spent time afterwards talking individually to students. The professor sent an e-mail a few weeks later to say that the presentation had deeply affected her students – especially one woman.

…a student came by after class today and wanted to let me know that Sue literally saved her life!! This student said that after her talk last semester, Sue was kind enough to offer some encouragement and give her some information. The student said this meeting marked a profound turning point in her life! She wanted Sue to know that not only did she save her, but her marriage, and the lives of her four children!! The student and I just cried…..Please pass along to Sue. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do in raising awareness about this condition!! Making a difference one student at a time!!

This story illustrates the powerful, lifesaving effect our message of recovery can have on the lives of suffering sex addicts. It would not have happened, however, without the contributions of many SAA members like you that allowed SAA to attend this conference and others. Unfortunately, all conferences were cancelled in 2020 due to COVID as well as funding to attend them. In addition, funding for 18 mailings and four Google Ad Words projects were also cancelled due to a drop in ISO revenue because of COVID-19. These vital projects would have carried the message of recovery to thousands of people. Your annual appeal donation can help restore funding for projects such as these in 2021 and beyond, as well as support the other many critical services the ISO provides our fellowship.

Your help will make a difference!

Please consider making your annual appeal donation as a new monthly LifeLine Partner!


Paul M.

Paul M
Executive Director, ISO of SAA
On behalf of the ISO Board of Trustees