5. ISA Literature and Resources

Some of us have experienced the avoidance of sex as addictive, in some cases choosing to identify as “sexual anorexics”…afraid of sex because of its association in our minds with our addiction or with past sexual trauma, or because of a fear of intimacy and vulnerability. Trying to control our sexuality in this way is just another symptom of our disease. The solution lies in turning our will and lives over to the care of our Higher Power.

— Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 72

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To read the Intimacy and Sexual Avoidance Newcomer Information Document, Literature Committee approved November 8, 2020, click here. (This is a Google doc.  Can we put the Word/PDF document on another page and link to it here?)

Intimacy Avoidance – Another Aspect of Sex Addiction

First Step to Intimacy – A Guide for Working the First Step on Intimacy and Sexual Avoidance or Sexual Anorexia

Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA basic text, sometimes referred to as the “green book”)

Recordings (link to ISO store mp3 files) of intimacy and sexual avoidance-related convention workshops are available in the ISO online store. Look for titles with words such as intimacy, sexual anorexia, avoidance, intimate, healthy sexuality, etc.

Articles (link to newsletter page) in the SAA bi-monthly newsletter, The Outer Circle, that talk about intimacy and sexual avoidance or sexual anorexia can be found at https://saa-recovery.org/news-events/saa-newsletter/

For questions or support regarding intimacy and sexual avoidance recovery, contact the ISA Awareness Committee at avoidance@saa-recovery.org or call them at 724-2HEARTZ (724-243-2789)

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