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“For all of us now in recovery, there came a time when we realized that we simply could not keep on living as before. . . . Out of this despair, we came to Sex Addicts Anonymous.”

— Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 9

Recovery for Men

Can you identify with any of the quotes below?

“Before coming to Sex Addicts Anonymous, many of us never knew that our problem had a name. All we knew was that we couldn’t control our sexual behavior. . . We were addicted to sexual behaviors that we returned to over and over, despite the consequences.” Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 3

“Many of us lived a double life. We might have felt appalled by our acting-out behavior. But when we were in our addiction, we would slip into a kind of trance . . . and did things we wouldn’t want to tell anyone.” Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 6

“Sex addiction is not just a bad habit. Nor is it the result of poor self-control, a lack of morals, or a series of mistakes. If it were something we could stop on our own, the negative consequences would be enough to make us stop.” Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 9

“For all of us now in recovery, there came a time when we realized that we simply could not keep on living as before. . . . Out of this despair, we came to Sex Addicts Anonymous.” Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 9

Do you feel as though you could have written some of these statements yourself? If so, Sex Addicts Anonymous may be right for you.

SAA is a Twelve-Step fellowship modeled after principles adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous, where people suffering from sex addiction come together to recover one day at a time from this addiction. Among the tools SAA offers for recovering addicts are meetings, sponsorship, and fellowship. Many men have found recovery from sex addiction by making use of the SAA program.

Men as well as women in the SAA program come from a variety of backgrounds in terms of age, race, socioeconomic group, sexual orientation, and other factors. Sometimes, these differences carry more weight for men than they often do for women in the program because we as men so often tend to define ourselves in terms of these externals. Yet even when the stories we hear from other members are different in the specifics from our own, we often find that the underlying issues are very much the same.

Many of us have found a life free from obsessive thinking and compulsive sexual behavior through the recovery program of SAA.

Men’s Literature

Reading recovery literature is another important tool of the program. It helps to educate, motivate, and inspire us. Reading SAA literature helps us learn how to stay sober and work a recovery program specifically tailored for us.

The book Sex Addicts Anonymous (“Green Book”) contains a detailed description of the SAA  program of recovery and many helpful insights into how this program works.  The book also includes personal stories from members in the fellowship who have experienced recovery. The following stories relate to men in the fellowship. The numbers refer to the Table of Contents in the book. The entire text can be purchased as a paperback or ebook, or read online.

    Personal Stories


  • 1. He Did Not Want to Be Alone
  • 102
  • 3. Becoming Whole
  • 121
  • 4. Making a Choice
  • 125
  • 6. A New Way of Life
  • 132
  • 7. No Need to Figure It Out
  • 136
  • 9. Free in Prison
  • 143
  • 11. Still Growing Spiritually
  • 149
  • 12. Tragic Consequences, Great Rewards
  • 154
  • 13. This Is What Works
  • 158
  • 15. Two Worlds Collide
  • 167
  • 16. Another Door Opens
  • 174
  • 17. An End to Isolation
  • 180
  • 19. A Higher Source
  • 188
  • 20. Two Surrenders
  • 194
  • 21. Out of Parking Lots
  • 198
  • 23. Growing Up
  • 208
  • 24. A New Past
  • 213
  • 26. Abstinence is the Foundation
  • 225
  • 27. Powerless Priest
  • 228
  • 28. Working the Program
  • 231
  • 30. A Time to Grown
  • 240
  • 32. The Peace of Recovery
  • 249
  • 33. A Life Calling
  • 255
  • 35. The Road to Reconciliation
  • 266
  • 36. Nervous Breakthrough
  • 271
  • 38. By God’s Grace
  • 282
  • 39. One of the Chosen People
  • 285
  • 40. More Will Be Revealed
  • 291
  • 42. The Gift of Sobriety
  • 299
  • 44. Tough Love
  • 306
  • 46. Steps to Freedom
  • 318

There are also numerous topics of interest in the audio recordings listed in the SAA store.


Meetings are the heart of the SAA fellowship. Through meeting together as sex addicts, we emerge from our shame, secrecy, and fear, into a community of fellow travelers who share the common goal of freedom from sex addiction. They give us the opportunity to talk about our lives and our addiction with other sex addicts, people who have had similar experiences and understand the problems we face.

On this website, the ISO maintains a current list of active meetings, including telemeetings, which are available every day of the week. Telephone meetings may be particularly beneficial for members who are concerned about anonymity.

If you are struggling with sexual issues and may be experiencing obsessive thoughts about sex or compulsive sexual behavior, we suggest you take our self-assessment quiz.

Contact Us

Men needing sponsors, telemeeting information and other program support can

We may be able to help you contact other members for support and/or sponsorship via phone and email.

The ISO (International Service Organization) office of SAA can be reached at 1-713-869-4902. or .

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