“When several meetings coordinate their activities, they create an intergroup, which is a board or committee through which these groups provide services.”

— Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 91

An intergroup is made up of individuals representing autonomous member groups within a defined geographic region, who meet regularly to coordinate activities and conduct business for the collective benefit of their member groups. Specialized types of meetings, such as tele-meetings or online meetings, may also choose to form intergroups to address issues unique to their particular medium.

An intergroup typically is formed to pool resources and efforts in order to enhance the effectiveness of member support and outreach in a particular geographic area. Intergroups often provide services that may include the following:

  • Maintaining a common mailing address and postal mailbox.
  • Providing telephone and answering services.
  • Coordinating a plan to assure timely responses to requests for information or about meetings in the area.
  • Planning and coordinating special community-wide or regional outreach activities.
  • Developing and maintaining an intergroup website

The Intergroup Communications Committee (ICC) provides a means for sharing of ideas among the various intergroups throughout the fellowship and a means of bringing issues of concern to local areas directly to the Board. Intergroups may also serve as a valuable communication link to bring issues from the fellowship-at-large, the ISO, or other regions to local member groups.

Intergroups that register with the ISO are placed on the ISO of SAA website.

The ICC has produced a comprehensive Intergroup Guide, which is currently available through the ISO office and on the SAA website. The Guide also includes examples of bylaws and operating guidelines used by several well-established intergroups.

Intergroups provide an excellent opportunity for members of the fellowship to get involved in service activities beyond their own home groups.

The ICC has its own wiki and documents from local intergroups are loaded to the wiki and shared with each other.  Contact the for more information on the ICC wiki.

List of intergroups and websites: