Women’s Literature

“Our fellowship is open to women and men, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnic background, marital status, or occupation. We welcome members of any sexual identity or orientation, whether they are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or transgender.”

— Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 1-2

Literature and Other Media

One of the most important tools of recovery is literature. Literature is like having a portable program. It can go anywhere, and it will reinforce the ideas you hear at meetings. Keep literature available and carry it around with you. It is especially valuable when you travel, as you may not have easy access to meetings.

In early sobriety, read literature even when you don’t feel like it. It really helps! You might consider establishing a daily routine reading a defined amount of program literature. Even just a few minutes a day can make a difference.

We would like to call your attention to two pamphlets. One is entitled A Special Welcome to the Woman Newcomer. It contains information about attending mixed meetings, sharing during meetings, triggering others at meetings, and being attracted to others at meetings, just to name a few topics.

Another pamphlet is Safe and Sexually Sober Meetings: Helping Women Feel Welcome in Your Meeting. We recommend you obtain these pamphlets along with other literature. Many groups make the pamphlets available in their meeting rooms. SAA Literature is also available in Spanish.

There are many more SAA pamphlets and books that you can order from the International Service Organization (ISO) of SAA, or you can read them online in the Literature section of this website.

In addition to printed literature, the ISO offers numerous audio recordings of SAA speakers and workshops in MP3 format or on CDs. Below is a list of recordings of female speakers and workshops addressing women in SAA. Although this list contains only female speakers, we may also learn much from recordings of other workshops, as well.

  • 2012 Sunday Luncheon - Panel - Louise G, Shelley K and Francie E
  • 2011 Opening Ceremony Speakers - Judy & Gene G
  • 2011 Sunday Lunch Speaker - Francie E
  • 2010 Monday Brunch - Mark A, Annie R, Robert S, Elizabeth N, Jim M
  • 2010 Opening Ceremony - Valorie F, Richard S
  • 2010 Saturday Banquet - Kimberly S
  • 2010 How to Start a Women's Meeting - Sheila B
  • 2009 Monday Brunch - Francie E, Jim C, and Wharton S
  • 2009 Sunday Lunch - Tom K, Mary Joy S
  • 2008 Monday Brunch - Women's Panel
  • 2007 Welcoming Women into SAA - Elizabeth N and June P
  • 2007 Saturday Banquet: First woman in SAA - Jeanne O
  • 2006 Saturday Banquet - Carol Ann R
  • 2005 Sunday Lunch Keynote Speaker - Dolores F
  • 2004 Convention Opening - Elizabeth S

Personal Stories in Sex Addicts Anonymous (Green Book)

Sex Addicts Anonymous, the SAA Green Book, was written by SAA members in the fellowship and approved by the ISO Conference. It is the most detailed and comprehensive description available of the SAA program of recovery and the SAA fellowship.

In this book, members, groups, and the general public will find the SAA program of recovery – drawn and written from the experience, strength, and hope of the fellowship.

Below is a list of the Personal Stories in Sex Addicts Anonymous, relating to women. One can read these stories online by going to the electronic version of the Green Book.  Please note that page numbers are for the print edition.  You need to add +8 to the number for the correct page of the online edition.

    Personal Story


  • 2. A Phone Call Saved Her Life
  • 114
  • 5. Her Dreams Are Coming True
  • 129
  • 8. A Nun and a Sex Addict
  • 139
  • 10. Sexual Anorexic
  • 145
  • 14. Living Amends
  • 161
  • 18. Many Hurdles to Jump
  • 182
  • 22. Staying on the Path
  • 205
  • 25. From Insanity to Serenity
  • 215
  • 29. A New Journey
  • 236
  • 31. Breaking the Silence
  • 244
  • 34. Now She Has Hope
  • 263
  • 37. Self-Acceptance
  • 274
  • 41. It Works if We Work It
  • 294
  • 43. The Key to Healing
  • 303
  • 45. Dreams Restored
  • 314