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“An SAA group consists of two or more individuals who, using the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of SAA, meet regularly for the purpose of recovering from their addictive sexual behavior. At our meetings, we read SAA literature and share our experience, strength and hope with each other, focusing on how the SAA program of recovery works in our lives.”

— Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 10


The International Service Organization (ISO) of SAA maintains a comprehensive list of active registered groups throughout the world and their meeting times.

Individual members do not need to register to attend a meeting.  Registration is for those groups wishing to be listed with the ISO as an official SAA meeting.  Only registered groups can participate as a group in ISO functions or events or have their meeting listed on the ISO meeting list.

The list serves two primary purposes:

  • At the discretion of each autonomous group, the information about their meetings is made available through this website to newcomers and to members of the fellowship who are traveling away from their home groups. Some groups permit publication of the location and times of individual meetings. Others provide a local contact person, through whom details about specific meetings may be obtained.
  • The registry of member groups also serves as the roster of groups who may send voting delegates to the annual meeting of the ISO Conference. Those delegates comprise the membership of the legal corporation, known as the ISO of SAA, Inc.

The registration form is available here or from the ISO office by telephone or through postal mail.

Completed forms, requiring signatures of two members of the group, may be sent to the ISO office by any one of three methods:

  • Scan and email to .
    Please put “Group Registration” in the subject line of the email.
  • Postal mail to: ISO of SAA, PO Box 70949, Houston, TX 77270.
  • Fax to the ISO of SAA: 713-692-0105.

The SAA Group Guide is designed to give the basic information and materials needed to start and nurture an SAA group. It includes suggested meeting formats and a selection of readings that may be used as deemed appropriate by an autonomous local group. It also contains general information about the SAA Fellowship, including services offered by the International Services Organization (ISO) of SAA and guidelines for participation in regional intergroups.

A updated version of the of the Group Guide was released for publication in May 2010.

You can download the SAA Group Guide in PDF format in English or Spanish. Hard copies of the Guide can be purchased from the ISO office shown in the Contact Us box.

Note: This form is not required when making changes to an already registered meeting. Email changes to or call the ISO. Please include your Group Code if possible.

ISO Contact Information (This section for internal use only. Never published.)

(Critical: E-mail is the main contact method between the ISO and your meeting.)

Mail printed copy of ISO newsletter (The Outer Circle)

Group/Meeting Details

Meeting Day:

Meeting Start Time (required—if time varies or is not set, select TBD): :

Meeting Duration (in minutes):

Time Zone:

Face-to-face Meetings

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Group / Intergroup Contact information (No personal numbers or info)

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ISO policies on copyright and fair use, on use of ISO trademarks, and on linking to local web sites from the SAA sites have been updated through a joint effort of the ISO Literature Committee, the Information Systems and Online Presence Committee, and the ISO Board of Trustees. These policies reflect principles in the Twelve Traditions of SAA. They are designed to help member groups carry the SAA message with clarity and consistency and to protect ISO resources. These documents may be downloaded here. Note that linking to a local site from SAA is contingent on compliance with these policies.

Local Meeting Member Contacts (Volunteers to answer calls & emails from newcomers)

If possible, it is very helpful to have a contact name and number (or more than one) listed for referrals. If "List on web" is not checked, info will be given to callers but will not be published on the web. This is critical for meetings that chose "Closed/12/All" or "Closed/12/New" above.

Yes! List on web.
Yes! List on web.

Yes! List on web.
Yes! List on web.

Yes! List on web.
Yes! List on web.

Yes! List on web.
Yes! List on web.

"Acting on behalf of our group's conscience, we certify that this group is an SAA group as defined in Article II, Section 1b of the ISO of SAA, Inc. By-laws which define an SAA group as one that follows the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of SAA"

Electronic Signatures:

How do we use this information?

By signing and submitting this form, you give the ISO permission give your contact information to other ISO entities, upon request, for the purpose of communication within the areas.