Board of Trustees

“The Board [of Trustees] has the general powers of a non-profit corporation enumerated under Minnesota statutes…”

— Bylaws of the ISO of SAA, Inc., Article IV, Section 4.

The ISO Board of Trustees are elected at large at the annual business meeting. Members of the Board are elected for three-year terms by the delegates.

The Board has the general powers granted non-profit corporations under Minnesota law, where the ISO was originally incorporated. Among its primary duties, the Board establishes policy, sets operational guidelines and boundaries, and holds fiduciary responsibility for all ISO activities. In these roles,the Board is ultimately responsible for hiring the executive director, who manages the ISO corporation.  The Board also convenes the annual international convention and meeting of delegates.

In addition to its four internal standing committees – Finance and Operations, Fellowship, Policy and 7th Tradition – the Board has established service committees, which are made up of members of the fellowship and which address defined areas of interest or concern.

Board service committees include the following:

  • General Outreach Committee
  • Intergroup Communications Committee
  • Office Oversight Committee
  • Online Presence Committee
  • Prisoner Outreach Committee
  • Women’s Outreach Committee
  • LGBT Outreach Committee
  • Intimacy and Sexual Avoidance Committee
  • Long Range Convention Planning Committee

The Board also appoints ad hoc committees from time-to-time to address specific needs, issues, or concerns. Examples would include the, the Bylaws Committee and Transition Committee.

Service on the Board of Trustees represents a major commitment of time and energy to the welfare of the fellowship. The Board normally meets for two days prior to the annual international ISO Conference. In addition, monthly meetings of the Board are held by teleconference, and special meetings may be called between regular meetings to address urgent items of business.

The Board of Trustees is established in the Bylaws of the ISO of SAA, Inc., Article IV. In addition, guidelines for service at the international level, adopted by the Board, are published annually in the Call to Conference.