Job Announcement: Editor for The Outer Circle

The ISO is looking to hire a new, experienced writer/editor for The Outer Circle.
The ISO is searching for an experienced writer/editor to serve as editor of The Outer Circle.
The application period is open until December 1, 2020.

Job Description for the Editor of The Outer Circle

The successful candidate for editor of The Outer Circle will have demonstrated superior skills in writing, copy editing, and project management. Experience as a published writer/editor is strongly preferred. The editor shall be responsible for editing the submissions received from members of the fellowship, and writing/providing additional material as necessary to complete each bimonthly issue. The writing style of the editor must be fluid and easy to read and must possess a compelling style that promotes the experience, strength, and hope contained in the SAA message of recovery.

Specific tasks include:

• Reviewing all submissions to the ISO newsletter.
• Selecting literature submissions for program relevance, reader interest, style, and literary quality.
• Editing selected submissions for program relevance and conformity to the ISO Literature Committee style sheet, and length.
• Communicating with the authors of the submissions where necessary.
• Writing or providing additional material as needed to reach the twelve-page minimum requirement for each issue.
• Sending the material to the The Outer Circle Oversight Subcommittee for review and comments in time to have the material to the office by a set deadline.
• Submitting corrections within twenty-four hours after the rough draft of the upcoming issue is sent to the Editor from the office.
• Working with the Literature Committee and ISO staff to facilitate publication of a finished and polished product.
• Reporting to the Literature Committee and responding to feedback from the Literature Committee.
• Attending the monthly meetings of the Literature Committee and participating in subcommittees of the Literature Committee.

The editor must have a working knowledge of the principles contained in the SAA message of recovery, including the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts of World Service for AA and the basic tools of recovery. The editor should meet the Guidelines for International Service for service on the Literature Committee.

The time commitment needed to edit the newsletter averages fifteen hours per issue. The editor receives compensation for his or her work. Compensation will be based on experience.

Applications should be submitted no later than December 1, 2020, and should include a cover letter, personal résumé, description of experience in SAA recovery, and samples of written work.

Questions or applications should be sent to:

ISO, Attention: Director, P.O. Box 70949, Houston, TX 77270
or by email to:

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